Good Moleman To You!

Welcome to Mostly Moleman, a website dedicated to the funniest character from The Simpsons - Hans Moleman!

After several years of no updates, I have given the site a brand new layout, and have changed web hosts, so it is now ad-free again! I plan to update the site regularly from now on, and am in the process of completing the episode list. Work has also started on creating short guides to each episode with images and quotes.


18th January 2011
Seasons 12 and 13 are up. I've also updated season 22.

10th January 2011
Added episode guides for season 11. I'll try and get seasons 12 and 13 up in the next week or so.

30th September 2010
Changed the navigation, made some updates to the episode list and added guides for seasons 9 and 10, plus the new episode of season 22.

13th September 2010
Added episode guides for seasons 6, 7 and 8.

5th September 2010
Launched the new site, updated the episode list and added 2 new images.